First Grant Scheme “Improvement of Employment Potentials of Women from Minority Ethnic Communities in the Labour Market” EuropeAID/130248/M/ACT/MK

This grant scheme supported OPHRD Priority Axis 3 Social Inclusion – Promoting an inclusive labour market or more specifically, Measure 3.2 – Integration of ethnic communities. It aimed at facilitating integration into labour market of the ethnic minority women through enhancement of their employment potentials.

The global objective of this grant scheme was to facilitate integration of ethnic minority women into the labour market through enhancement of their employment potentials.

The specific objectives of this grant scheme were:

1) To increase key competences (knowledge, attitude and skills) of ethnic minority women;

2) To develop and deliver specific employment services and trainings in line with individual needs and conditions of ethnic minority women; and

3) To strengthen capacities of professionals and volunteers that work with ethnic minority women.

The seven (7) projects supported were in line with the following priority themes:

  • Improving employability of ethnic minority women,
  • Developing tailored-made employment services/trainings that facilitate access to labour market of ethnic minority women,
  • Strengthening capacities and joint cooperation among NGOs in the area of increasing employment potentials of ethnic minority women.

The following seven (7) projects were implemented:

First Grant Scheme