Closing event for the project “Assisting conflict-affected minority women” – More than 250 women improved employment opportunities, Skopje, 6 May 2014

The Macedonian Center for International Cooperation (MCIC) held a closing event for the the project “Assisting conflict-affected minority women”, on 6 May 2014, in hotel Holiday Inn in Skopje.

At the event, there were present a part of participants in the project. During the implementation, they had an opportunity to participate in internship programme, trainings for skills, learnt to work on computer, improved their knowledge in English language, entrepreneurial and administration skills, etc. More than 20 of them are employed during the programme.

The project objective was to support the access for women in the conflict-affected regions at the labour market.

Before the start of activities, the MCIC conducted a study due to situation with supply and demand with work force in seven municipalities through direct conversations with 277 women and 47 enterprises.

For 18 month while the implementation duration was, the project improved the employment opportunities of 274 women in the municipalities of Tearce, Jegunovce, Zelino, Lipkovo, Chair, Saraj and Mavrovo and Rostusha, as well their neighboring municipalities and urban centers.

In total, 104 women gained working experience through the internship programme implemented in 41 enterprise and 65 women participated in professional trainings. This contributed, so far, to be employed more than 20 women. The expectations of MCIC and its partners are that this number shall be increased in the forthcoming period.

Besides the internship programme, 46 women gained skills for work on computer, 114 women improved their knowledge in English language, 45 women participated in training for improvement of their employability skills, entrepreneurship and administration. Besides this, for 125 women participants in the programme were prepared 125 plans for personal and professional development.

The partner organizations of MCIC in project implementation were Florens Ninghtingale from Kumanovo, Initiative for European Perspective from Skopje and Rekanski biser from Mavrovo and Rostusha.