From EIQ build-up to an inclusive labour market in the municipalities of Demir Kapija and Rosoman

The project “From EIQ build-up to an inclusive labour market” is implemented by the Municipality of Demir Kapija in partnership with the Municipality of Rosoman and the Foundation New Education for Business from Skopje.

The overall objective of the project is to generate long term employment opportunities for the disadvantaged persons by offering specialized trainings and individual mentoring, to encourage regional employment policies by promoting close inter-municipal collaboration; to improve practical experience of the target group by transferring innovative best-practice approach tailored to the specific needs of the target group and to promote volunteering as an alternative pathway for tackling unemployment by raising public awareness.

A total of 50 specialized trainings were organized in both municipalities Demir Kapija and Rosoman and more than 600 different unemployed persons (people living in rural and remote areas, young unemployed persons-age 20-29, people that have not completed their middle school education, ethnic minorities…) acquired and improved certain skills in order to become more competitive in the labor market. In correlation with these specialized trainings is the activity Individual and Group Mentoring where key experts provided assistance to the target group members, guiding them step by step to a successfully submitted job application, on line and in person mentoring services.

With the 3 Practice Firm workshops who lasted for 3 days was created a virtual working environment for the participants and they gained knowledge about the working conditions in a Winery, Restaurant and Hotel, basic administrative and technical issues of the firm,  knowledge of conditions in the workplace- day-to-day basic work obligations of each sector, about the ethics and attitude at the workplace with practice examples and were encouraged to start their own business.

The target group members were introduced with the benefits of volunteering through informative sessions on volunteerism  and additionally was organized an awareness raising campaign, in a form of an event on the International Volunteer Day on 5th December 2016, hosted in both municipalities Demir Kapija and Rosoman where the local population was included in various activities, including informative sessions on the benefits of volunteering, sharing success stories from people who already had experience in volunteering activities, collection of street garbage.

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