Final Event of Third Direct Grant “Supporting Employment of Young People”

The final event of the project “Supporting Employment of Young People” held on 21 November 2017 and it was combined with launching of the promotional campaign “EU for You” in the area of Employment, Education and Social Inclusion.

The initial event took place in ESA, where young beneficiaries – participants of the project had a chance to meet EU Commissioner Mr. Johannes Han, Ambassador of the EU Delegation Mr. Samuel Zbogar, Vice Prime Minister Mr. Osmani Bujar, Minister of Finance Mr. Tevdovski, Minister of Labor and Social Policy Ms. Mila Careska, ESARM Director Ms. Biljana Jovanovska and other officials. In rather informal conversation, young beneficiaries talked to high officials on their experience.

Afterwards, all high-level officials visited project office and talked to project staff on the achievements of three grants to ESA.

Final beneficiaries together with high-level EU and Government officials took a ride with a “EU for You” branded bus to the EU Info Center.

The presentation of the final results took place at EU Info Center Skopje.

A total of 3072 unemployed persons completed the trainings within the project. The average trainee was a young men and women at the aged 24 as registered unemployed persons in ESA system for slightly less than a year and half. The participants in trainings for advanced IT skills are the ones with shortest duration of being registered with ESA. The share of women in this project was 60%.

Under Internship Programme as a support for employment of youth up to 29 years of age, the number of signed contract is 917, while 825 trainees have successfully finished 3-month on-the-job training and 266 young people got employment. The target was 1000 internship contracts.

Trainings for skills demanded on the labor market is consisted of two types of trainings: Training for Advanced IT skills and Trainings for skills demanded on the labor market (masseur, make-up artist, caregiver of elderly persons in domestic conditions and training for accounting clerk). The target of 440 contract was reached (98%) and 430 contracts have been signed.

Within Training and counseling for entrepreneurship, the total number of trainee that finished this training and prepared business plans is 880 out of target of 950 (96 %).

Within Trainings in job search and preparedness skills, the total number of unemployed young people that successfully participated in this training is 941. Most of them have participated on the short training of 10-hours duration.