Strategic Priorities

For the overall programming period of 2007-2013, four strategic priorities have been defined in the framework of the Operational Program for Human Resources Development. The priorities are based on the SWOT and socio-economic analyses and set national strategic and specific objectives.

Priority Axis 1: Employment – Attracting and retaining more people in employment

The aim is to modernise and improve services delivered by the Employment Service Agency (ESA) and develop and implement better active approaches for addressing the labour market malfunctioning.

Priority Axis 2: Education and training – Investing in human capital through better education and training

This priority axis aims at modernising the education and training system, including the development and mainstreaming of entrepreneurship learning in education, in order to improve its adaptability to the labour market needs, as well as promoting life-long learning. In addition, the priority will ensure equal access to quality education for all, irrespective of ethnic origin.

Priority Axis 3: Social inclusion – Promoting an inclusive labour market

This priority axis should foster social inclusion to favor integration in the labour market of disadvantaged people, inter alia by training professionals and volunteers involved in social inclusion, enhanced linkages between all partners and the strengthening of the capacity of civil society to provide (quality) social assistance.

Priority Axis 4: Technical assistance

It aims at achieving efficient implementation, monitoring, evaluation and expenditure verifications of the OP, as well as supporting preparatory activities for the future management of the ESF.

OPHRD Strategic Priorities Chart ENG

OPHRD Strategic Priorities Chart MKD