“Strengthening the Capacities for Integration of Disadvantaged Women in the Labour Market, with Special Focus on Ethnic Minority Women” EuropeAid/130455/D/SER/MK

Project Starting Date: 10 September 2012

Project End Date: 10 December 2013

Project Budget: € 477.850,00

Contractor: WYG International Limited in consortium with ESEP Limited and HCL Limited

Final Beneficiary: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP), Gender Equality Department and Labour Department

Overall objective:

To enable disadvantaged women, in particular ethnic minority women to improve their employment potentials in the labour market.


To strengthen the capacities and mutual cooperation of the relevant stakeholders for integration of disadvantaged women in the labour market, with special focus on women from ethnic minority communities.

Expected Results:

  • Data collected and situation of disadvantaged women assessed;
  • Training programmes and methodologies tailored to specific target groups, for effective and efficient inclusion of the disadvantaged women in the labour market with special focus on ethnic minority women, developed and implemented;
  • Cooperation among the relevant stakeholders promoted.

Target groups:          

  • Relevant departments within the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy;
  • Relevant governmental institutions: Centres for Social Work, Institute for Social Policy, Institute for Social Affairs, Employment Service Agency, care institutions, etc;
  • Local Self-Government Units;
  • Nongovernmental Organisations (NGOs).

Key project activities:

Activity 1: Collect data and assessment

1.1 Identify the type of data to be collected and the potential source of information;

1.2 Collecting data and monitoring the achieved results to date concerning employment of disadvantaged women, with special focus on ethnic minority women;

1.3 Analyse the collected data and present the results of the assessment to the relevant stakeholders;

Activity: 2 Training of stakeholders

2.1 Identifying the relevant stakeholders that realize programmes and incentives to the disadvantaged women and defining the way of their involvement in the project activities;

2.2 Conducting training needs analysis of the targeted stakeholders to assess their capacity to effectively deal with the labour market integration of disadvantaged women;

2.3 Designing a training plan for the stakeholders including programme for each target population according to the results of the analysis.

  • Designing minimum three training programmes and methodology that will facilitate integration of disadvantaged women in the labour market following the best practices and EU experiences;

2.4 Development of teaching and training materials for delivery of the training programmes;

2.5 Implementing the training plan for the targeted stakeholders;

Activity 3:  Cooperation among stakeholders

3.1 Developing effective cooperation among relevant stakeholders dealing with disadvantaged women for their integration in the labour market;

3.2 Disseminating the achieved results of the project to involved stakeholders.

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