Fifth Leadership & Management Seminar, Skopje, 15.6.2017

The 5th Leadership & Management Seminar was organized on Thursday, 15th June 2017 in Skopje, as one of the major activities of the project Technical Assistance in Project Management and Monitoring of the Grant Scheme “Fostering Social Inclusion” EuropeAid/132633/C/SER/MULTI.

This was the last in a series of 5 seminars, scheduled to coincide with the time when most of the 26 Grant Projects have entered the final stages of their implementation. It was envisaged as an opportunity for the Grantees to reflect on the work that has been done and to assess what results have been realistically achieved in contrast to what has been planned.

To this end, a special emphasis in the seminar was given to indicators and their proper presentation for the purposes of Final Reporting. More specifically, the following aspects were thoroughly practiced:

  • how to comprehensively measure the level of achievement of indicators,
  • how to properly interpret the indicatorsand, most importantly,
  • how to best present the indicatorsin the Final Reports.

One of the major objectives of the seminar was to teach the Grantees how to introduce a 3-layered system for monitoring of indicators in their Grant Projects using 3 types of target group databases: at the level of participants, at the level of activities, and at the level of indicators.

To exemplify the use of these databases, the Technical Assistance Experts prepared a statistical overview of demographic and other information about the Grantees involved in the implementation of this Grant Scheme, who are the primary target group of the Technical Assistance Project. Then, working in the pre-designated Word Café thematic tables, all 26 Grant Projects provided cumulative feedback on the level of achievement of their own indicators, especially in terms of employment and employability of their target groups.

A particularly appreciated session in the seminar was the feedback on Interim Reporting provided by the Monitoring Officers of the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy. They listed all the identified shortcomings in the Interim Reports, but made sure to emphasize the good practices and positive examples, too.

A valuable addition to this seminar was the visit by representatives from the European Delegation to Skopje and from the Directorate-General for Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion from Brussels. They expressed their satisfaction with the overall achievements of the Grant Projects and extended their gratitude to all Grantees for their hard work.

All Grantees who have successfully completed the seminar will be awarded a Certificate in Leadership & Management of Projects at a ceremony scheduled for October 2017.