IPA I 2007-2013 – OPHRD

According to Article 151 of the the IPA Implementing Regulation (EC) No 718/2007, assistance under IPA Human Resource Development Component is granted in the following priorities:

  • increase adaptability of workers, enterprises and entrepreneurs, with a view to improving the anticipation and positive management of economic change;
  • enhance access to employment and sustainable inclusion in the labour market of job seekers and inactive people,
  • prevent unemployment, in particular long term and youth unemployment, encourage active aging and prolong working lives, increase participation in the labour market;
  • reinforce social inclusion and integration of people at a disadvantage, with a view to their sustainable integration in employment, and combat all forms of discrimination in the labour market;
  • promote partnerships, pacts and initiatives through networking of relevant stakeholders, such as social partners and non-governmental organisations, at national, regional, local level, in order to mobilize for reforms in the field of employment and labour market inclusiveness;
  • expand and enhance investment in human capital;
  • strengthen institutional capacity and the efficiency of public administrations and public services at national, regional and local level and, where relevant, the social partners and non-governmental organisations with a view to reforms and good governance in the employment, education and
  • training, as well as social fields.

Technical assistance may be granted under IPA Human Resources Development Component to support the preparatory, management, monitoring, administrative support, information, evaluation and control activities of the programme, and preparatory activities with a view to the future management of European Structural Funds.

For further details see http://www.delmkd.ec.europa.eu/en/bilateral-relations/eu-assistance/IPA-components.htm.

Operating Structure for IPA Human Resources Development Component in the RM.

Operating Structure for IPA Human Resources Development Component in the RM was established as a collection of bodies, responsible for managing and implementing the Operational Programme for Human Resources Development (OP HRD) in accordance with the principle of sound financial management, pursuant to point 6 of Annex A of the Framework Agreement (FwA)and Article 28 of IPA Implementing Regulation (IPA IR).

According to Article 16 of the Governmental Decree on Determining Mutual Relations between the Bodies and the Structures of Decentralised Management of the First Four Components under the EU Instrument for Pre-Accession Assistance (OGRM No 132/2008), the list of bodies comprising the Operating Structure for Human Resources Development Component consists of the following:

  • Central Financing and Contracting Department (CFCD) within the Ministry of Finance, represented by the Head of CFCD, acting as Head of the Operating Structure;
  • Relevant departments/ units within the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and the Ministry of Education and Science.

Central Financing and Contracting Department acts as a Lead Body of the Operating Structure for IPA Human Resources Development Component, headed by the Head of the Operating Structure (HOS), solely responsible for carrying out tendering procedures, contracting, and execution of payments to contractors/ grant beneficiaries, as well as the accounting of projects financed under IPA.

CFCD is also responsible for monitoring the implementation of the Programme/ projects concerned, as well as for supervision of the operation and functioning of the Operating Structure for Human Resources Development. CFCD will also act as Secretariat of the Sectoral Monitoring Committee for IPA Human Resources Development Component.

Part of the tasks of OS related to programming, technical implementation and monitoring of IPA funded projects, were delegated by the Head of Operating Structure to Ministry of Labour and Social Policy and Ministry of Education and Science, represented by IPA Coordinators, responsible for implementation of the tasks in timely, efficient and effective manner.

The Government of RM has appointed the Deputy Prime Minister in charge of Economic Affairs to act as Strategic Coordinator for Regional Development Component and Human Resources Development Component of IPA. According to Article 23 of the IPA Implementing Regulation (EC) No 718/2007, the main responsibility of the Strategic Coordinator is coordination of the assistance granted under the Regional Development and Human Resources Development Components of IPA under the responsibility of the National IPA Coordinator, but with no direct involvement in the implementation of these Components.