Sector Reform Contract for year 2019 “EU for Youth”

The Government of the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the European Commission signed the Financial Agreement for the Annual Action Programme for IPA 2019 on 5 March 2020.
The Annual Action Programme for IPA 2019 for the Republic of Northern Macedonia consists of four actions.
Actions 3 “EU for YOUTH” and 4 “EU for INCLUSION” provide support for the country’s policies in the “Education, Employment and Social Policy” sector.

The aims of the Action are to contribute to the Government’s efforts to implement sector reform to improve the employment situation of women and men.

The total amount of Action 3 “EU Youth” is EUR 16.5 million, of which:
– EUR 15 million is direct sectoral budget support to the Budget of RNM for the implementation of employment and education policies through annual tranches in the period 2020-2023, and
– EUR 1.5 million is complementary technical support for strengthening the capacity of relevant sector reform institutions (with the Delegation of the European Union being the contracting authority).


Financial Agreement – Special Conditions

Annex I IPA 2019 Annual Action Programme

Annex II General Conditions & Annex III Annual Report Template

IPA 2019 MK SRPC EU4Youth