“Technical Assistance in Project Management and Monitoring of the Grant Scheme- Fostering social inclusion”

Project Starting Date: 26 .November 2015

Project End Date: 26 November 2017

Project Budget: € 202.795,00

Contractor: AECOM International Consulting, S.L.

Overall objective:

The project global objective is to provide conductive environment for efficient and effective implementation of social inclusion grant projects.

Specific Objectives:

The specific project objective is to strengthen the skills and increase the knowledge of the grantees (grant recipients) to be awarded under the Call of Proposal “Fostering Social Inclusion”- EuropeAid/135012/M/ACT/MK in order to do effective, efficient and ethical implementation (sound administration) of the grant contracts.

Expected Outputs

The outputs are as follows:

Output 1.1: Training curricula and training materials developed, i.e. training folder for each training prepared.

Output 1.2: Training Plan with clear implementation timeframe and location covering the project duration prepared.

Output 1.3: Eight two-day trainings delivered for approximately 240 participants in total (8 trainings X 30 participants).

Output 2.1: An interactive web page with on-line helpdesk developed and launched.

Output 2.2: A toolkit for grant recipients designed/adapted and disseminated.

Output 2.3: Day-to-day support to grantees provided as evidenced by the number of responded questions and inquiries from the grantees and maintenance of the web page for the project duration Output 3.1: On-the spot visits plan and on-the job trainings developed.

Output 3.2: Six (6) “exchange day” meetings with grant recipients organized.

Target Group:

Grant Beneficiaries (grant recipients) awarded under the Call of Proposal “Fostering Social Inclusion”- EuropeAid/135012/M/ACT/MK

Key Project Activities:

Component 1: Design, organization and delivery of trainings:

  • Development of training curricula and materials;
  • Development of a training plan and delivery of the trainings according to the plan;

Component 2: On-line support to the grant recipients:

  • Development of a web page;
  • Design/adaptation of existing toolkit for grantees and its dissemination;
  • Delivery of a day-to-day support to grantees;

Component 3 :On-the spot visits and guidance to the grant recipients:

  • Development of an on-the spot visits plan and materials for conducting on-the spot visits and on-the-job trainings of grant recipients in close coordination/cooperation with the OS for IPA component 4;
  • Conducting on-the spot visits and on-the job trainings to grant recipients in accordance with the approved on-the spot visits plan;
  • Organizing and delivery of “exchange day” meetings with grant recipients.

Web-page: http://taeugrants.net/en