Project “Employment for Roma Youth”, Skopje, 10.07.2017

The Center for Economic Analyses – CEA, together with CCKO Svetla Idnina, ZRRZ Sumnal and ADRR Sonce, are implementing the project “Employment for Roma Youth” funded by the European Union through the IPA Human Resources Development Program.

The project goal is to facilitate the inclusion of young Roma living in municipalities with a larger number of Roma population. This goal is foreseen to be achieved through the project objectives:
1) promotion of employability skills among young Roma;
2) establishment of a local development system that will assist matching the market labor demand and supply;
3) development of a strategic manual on social inclusion and labor market inclusion of the target group.

During the month of May 2017, series of trainings were held on four topics: Job Search and Job Searching Skills; Access to finance and financial management of micro businesses; Communication and development of soft skills and Developing a business idea and entrepreneurship. Each of these trainings lasted three days and a total of 79 participants followed the trainings. The target group  of the training, as well as the entire project, are young unemployed Roma from Skopje, Tetovo, Bitola and Kocani. These individuals as well as others who meet the basic criteria can be included in the following activities for practical learning and gaining experience in the civil society organizations or in the business sector.

The implementation of the project started in December 2016 and is envisaged to last 12 months. The budget for the project implementation is 158.297 EUR.

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