“Promoting Alternative Childcare Services” EuropeAid/135660/IH/SER/MK

Project Starting Date: 9 February 2015

Project End Date: 8 August 2017

Project Budget: € 1.192.638,00

Contractor: WYG International Ltd in consortium with ESEP Limited (UK) and WYG Consulting Ltd (HR)

Final Beneficiary:      

  • Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (Child Protection Department, Labour Department and Social Policy, Social Protection Department)
  • Public Employment Services
  • Federation of Trade Unions of Macedonia
  • Organisation of Employers of Macedonia
  • Agency for Support of Entrepreneurship
  • Chamber of Crafts of Macedonia
  • Food and Veterinary Agency

Overall objective:

To improve the access to employment for all. It aims to increase participation and progress of women in employment by improving the national working environment.


To improve the employability of parents (men and women) with children by promoting, developing and offering alternative childcare services.

Expected Results:

Result 1: Conducted analysis of the demand for childcare services and their accessibility.

Result 2: Improved existing and designed, tested and introduced new flexible, affordable and quality childcare services thus creating conditions for career development of parents with children.

Result 3: Potential careers empowered by providing guidance, counselling, training, qualification, coaching and business creation paths.

Result 4: Raised awareness for reconciliation policies and encouraged employers’ involvement in supporting employees to combine work and family life.

Target groups:          

  • Direct beneficiaries: Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, Child Protection Department, potential child minders, in particular unemployed people and employers with minimum 50 employees (companies and organisations)
  • Indirect beneficiaries: families with children below 6 years of age, employers (in general) and local governments

Key project activities:

Component 1: Conducting an analysis of the demand for childcare services

  • Gathering information and data necessary to develop the research methodology
  • Preparing methodology and presenting it to the stakeholders
  • Carrying out the field research work on a representative sample for a total coverage of the country, including both urban and rural areas
  • Producing a report with the research findings from the conducted analysis and recommendations or tailor-made solutions (even amendments of existing legislation, if needed)

Component 2: Developing and introducing a more flexible, affordable and quality childcare for reconciliation of work and caring of children

  • Developing a proposal of flexible childcare services in close cooperation with relevant stakeholders
  • Elaborating measures to influence the demand (usage) of alternative childcare
  • Elaborating specific childcare support measures to encourage establishment of alternative childcare services and to attract potential carers to opt and qualify for this activity
  • Testing the proposed alternative childcare services and sharing and discussing the results from the piloting among Ministry and stakeholders
  • Support to Ministry of Labour and Social Policy in revising the legal framework of the improved/new flexible forms of childcare on the basis of the results of the testing
  • Implementing information and publicity activities to promote the business/career opportunities in the child protection sector and to raise awareness among parents on the registered alternative childcare services
  • Developing paper with recommendations for further promotion of alternative childcare.

Component 3: Encouraging employers to help their employees to combine work and family life

  • Assessing employers’ attitudes and capacities to support actively their employees to combine work and family responsibilities
  • Implementing awareness raising activities targeted at managers, supervisors and human resources professionals in companies in private and public sector to help their employees to combine work and family life
  • Assisting at least 5 volunteering companies/institutions (with at least 50 employees) or group of companies/institutions to develop and implement childcare centre/solution for reconciliation of work and family responsibilities
  • Preparing (though competitive negotiated procedures) a supply contract for baby and child equipment/nursery equipment for the assisted volunteering companies/institutions or group of companies/institutions

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Relevant links:

Webpage: http://www.pacs-mk.eu/

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Promoting-Alternative-Childcare-Services-676987299116798/