“Further Modernization of the Employment Service Agency” EuropeAid/129895/D/SER/MK

Project Starting Date: 9 January 2012

Project End Date: 8 October 2013

Project Budget: € 1.375.500,00


Archidata SRL in consortia with BBJ Consulting AG, GET German Education and Training GMBH and ACE, International Consultants S.I

Final Beneficiary:

Employment Service Agency (ESA) and Ministry of Labour and Social Policy (MLSP)

Overall objective:

To further modernize and prepare the Employment Service Agency to respond to the requirements related to EU accession in the field of European employment policy.


To improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the services provided to job seekers and employers by the Employment Service Agency with a view to reducing unemployment and preventing people in employment to become unemployed.

Expected Results:

  • ESA has strengthened the quality of services provided to jobseekers and employers by implementing an organizational management change at all levels all over the country;
  • ESA’s management and employees are dealing better with their new work organization and new tasks arising in their day-to-day work with jobseekers, employers and other stakeholders.

Target groups:

Employees of the Employment Service Agency (i.e. in Central office and Local Employment Service Centres)

Key project activities:

Component 1: Development of the organizational management process

  • Conducting comprehensive analysis of existing work organization, current business, capacity and performance in ESA;
  • Organizing study visit to one of the EU Member States, in which the public employment service has undergone a change management process;
  • Identifying key individuals in the Central office and in all local employment centers, establishing working teams and defining their role in line with the proposal for participative approach;
  • Assessing the “perception of ESA in the public”, the customer satisfaction as well as the employees` own perception of their role, works and tasks;
  • Designing the Organizational Change Management Project through a strategic approach, with a clear and shared vision, taking into account the human and technical aspect of the change, in close cooperation with the stakeholders;
  • Sharing the Organizational Change Management Project with all employees, management and stakeholders in order to make clear the benefits of the change and commit them to it;
  • Developing a Change Implementation Plan (CIP), including further optimization of the work organization (preparing the implementation of the developed organizational management change project);
  • Designing a Training Programme for ESA`s employees on technical and individual working needs, including training courses materials and support documentation.

Component 2: Implementing the organizational management change to support the Employment Service Agency in dealing with the implementation of active labour market measures:

2.1    Introducing the organizational management change and committing people to it by applying a participative approach, including necessary formalization;

  • Improving the internal communications/relations in ESA;
  • Re-aligning procedures and work processes in order to link day-to-day activities with the Organizational Change Management Project;
  • Coaching/training in new skills and behaviours to motivate employees and management to implement change effectively through implementation of the Training Programme designed;
  • Assessing the implications of the change on ESA`s employees on regular basis and updating the Change Implementation Plan accordingly;
  • Communicating the achieved results of the change to ESA´s employees and the involved stakeholders along and at the end of the Project;
  • Conducting assessment of ESA´s IT and other physical capacities, necessary for performance of the new tasks of ESA´s employees, resulting from the implemented changes;
  • Developing a Discussion Paper with proposals for continuing improvements aimed at securing sustainability of the change after the project completion.

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